Anacapa® Technologies, Inc. manufactures a phenomenal antimicrobial solution called “Biovetrex” that has been proven to be remarkably effective at killing the most dangerous pathogenic bugs.

Biovetrexinherits it’s basic composition to a Sodium Hypochlorite solution which was originally called “Dakin’s solution” and was developed during WWI. It was highly effective in the treatment of battlefield wounds and was used extensively through the 1970’s.

But there were a couple of the problems of Dakin’s solution. One, it had to be mixed on site and two, it only lasted for about a day. In the mid 1980’s a couple of doctors determined that the original Dakin’s Solution was cytotoxic. These doctors recommended products that just irrigated the wound but did nothing to prevent infection, relying instead entirely on antibiotics.

Super Bugs

About 30 years ago, a class of antibiotic resistant strains of bugs began emerging: MRSA, VRE C-dif. just to name a few. More and more, these bugs could not be treated by traditional antibiotics. It was soon discovered that these new strains of bacteria were actually developing a biofilm – a sort of gelatinous material that prevented anything from penetrating it.

This biofilm allowed the bacteria to be 1,000 times more resistant to antimicrobials than normal bacteria in suspension.

Our product, Biovetrex, when applied directly to the wound bed, actually breaks down these biofilms. The Center for Disease Control agrees that “chlorine, chlorine compounds, Hypochlorite solution . . removes biofilms from surfaces and have a low incidence of toxicity”.

New Chemistry

At Anacapa, we also discovered a technology that gives our product a two year shelf life. It does not separate or breakdown over time. Biovetrex™ is proven to be safe and non toxic. AND -Biovetrex™ is cleared by the FDA as an antimicrobial wound cleanser.

We have a wound cleanser – and a wound gel that is truly in a class by itself. What other product has been out there for 100 years and has yet to have a single case reported of microbial resistance? NONE
30 seconds to kill MSRA. 30 seconds to kill VRE. It’s phenomenal.

Finest in the World

The Biovetrex™ solution has been tested in the most hostile environments simulating the actual wound environment. It wins every time. If you’re looking for an antimicrobial, as well as a deodorizer you’ve found it. Biovetrex is the finest antimicrobial in the world bar none. Nobody else can say that.