Sani-Zone Odor Eliminator

1002A-2 oz. Spray and 1008A-8 oz. Spray

Catalog No. 1002A and 1008A
Case Quantity: 2 oz : 24   /   8 oz : 12

Lasts for hours! Extraordinary odor eliminating capability. Leaves a squeaky clean background smell.

Even small animals can create big odors. Animal waste odors are some of the most stubborn smells to eliminate. Even a small “accident” can foul an entire house with an embarrassing odor. Sani-Zone™ is the most effective way to get rid of those nasty odors in the air, in carpet, upholstery and litter boxes.
Sani-Zone Effectively eliminates odors from anal gland secretion, tom cat spray, necrotic tissue, urine, feces, emesis, etc. Sani-Zone chemically and instantly cancels animal odors without masking.

Cat with flowersDirections for Use

  • Spray directly toward the source of the odor or use as an air freshener; one or
    two sprays in an average size room eliminates odors and leaves a squeaky clean fragrance that lasts for hours.
  • Do not spray directly on to people or pets.

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